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Rules and Regulations

Students of PSMO College are expected to help maintain an environment in which there is freedom to learn. The College believes that each student has an earnest purpose; that he/she will adhere to acceptable standards of personal conduct; and that students and student organizations will participate in the development of proper standards of conduct and good taste; and that they will abide by all College rules and regulations.

General Rules:

1. All students should strictly follow the rules and regulations of the college, shall always behave with dignity and courtesy and should observe strict modesty in dress.

2. Students shall always carry their identity cards in the campus and should show the identity cards on demand by any of the staff member.

3. Students shall attend classes regularly and punctually and they shall not enter in other classes than theirs.

4. Smoking, use of intoxicants, pan masala and narcotic drugs are strictly forbidden.

5. Furniture in the classroom should not be dislocated or damaged. All willful damage will be penalized and the cost of the damage will be recovered.

6. Any disfigurement or damage to the college building, water, gas, fire, electrical installations, furniture, gardens and premises will be punished and the cost of the damage will be recovered.

7. Students are forbidden to organize or attend any meeting in the college or to collect money for any purpose without the prior permission of the principal.

8. Educational concessions awarded to students are liable to forfeiture for misconduct from their part.

9. Irregular attendances, habitual inattention to class and obscenity in words or deeds are sufficient reasons for permanent or temporary dismissal of the student.

10. Students who do not have classes during a period should not loiter on the veranda. They may remain in the library or reading room.

11. Ragging, teasing, intimidating, harassing, and use of words of abuse etc. on junior students within the campus or outside are punishable under Police Act and such matters will be immediately reported to the police. Ragging invites immediate expulsion from the college.

12. Students who go to other colleges or institutions to take part in acts of indiscipline such as demonstrations or strikes will be punished.

13. No student or office bearer of any association shall give any matter regarding the activities of the college to the press without the approval and permission of the principal.

14. Conduct Certificate will be issued as a matter of course. It has to be earned by the student’s good conduct. The principal’s decision shall be final regarding the conduct of students.

15. Promotion to a higher class for University Examination and issue of progress, attendance and conduct certificates are absolutely within the discretion of the Principal (No appeal shall lay against the principal’s decision to any other authority).

16. Students should read the notifications put on notice board everyday before they leave the college. Failure to look at the notice board will not be an excuse for any omission or commission.

17. No collective representation from students will be entertained. Only representatives will be allowed to submit petitions to the Principal.

18. Mobile phones will not be allowed inside the campus with out the prior permission of the principal or any other teacher authorized for the purpose. Teachers have been given power to impound mobile phones in case of violation of the ban.

19. Students who are charged with criminal offences or under suspension should not enter the campus with out the prior permission of the college authorities.

20. Possession and use of fireworks anywhere on the campus is prohibited.

21. Students should neither mount on the parked vehicles nor should sit in the parking shed.